Allegation of Inappropriate behaviour rocks Meghalaya Governor,Raj Bhawan denies charges


The Raj Bhawan in Meghalaya has come under the scanner after alleged allegations were levelled against the Governor of Meghalaya V Shanmuganthan.

It is believed that an aspiring female who had applied for a job as a PRO in the Raj Bhawan's secretariat allegedly stated that the Excellency personally invited her to come for a interview in the evening where he inappropriately behaved with her. Initially she was surprised that the governor would personally call her over in the evening and later send a message from a mobile number confirming the meeting.

The Mobile number and the text message from where there has been correspondence is still with the alleged victim.

However, sources close to the alleged victim rule out any case of molestation and state that the mannerism of the Governor was over friendly and unprofessional.

Sources close to the victim also stated that she did not want to press any charges and her messages to another friend was a personal conversation which was leaked out in the media without her knowledge.

The Governor himself has dismissed the allegation saying that he never personally communicated with anyone and never met anyone after 7 pm and stated that all of the female  interviewees were like his granddaughter .He also added that this charge against him maybe because they did not get the job.He also denied comparing the alleged victim with a popular Bollywood actress and said that he never met any of the interviewers alone .

Shanmuganathan also is a member of the  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which he joined way back in 1962