All you need to know about the 1997 Jarulbachai massacre

  1. NLFT militants cordoned off the entire village and fired indiscriminately at the sleeping villagers of Jarulbachai in West Tripura District on February, 1997.
  2. A total of 16 persons including women and children were brutally killed in the massacre, a case considered to be rarest of the rare. Many houses were set on fire and a six-month-old baby was thrown in the fire.
  3. The CID filed a charge sheet against 11 militants of which trial of Achak Debbarma and Gandhi Debbarma was conducted in the first phase in 2005.
  4. One militant namely, Ashok Debbarma, alias Achak was awarded death sentence for his hand in the massacre. This is for the first time in the northeast that a death sentence was awarded to a militant. However, Achak's execution is pending in the Supreme Court. Gandhi was awarded life imprisonment.
  5. Currently, three militants, namely, Mangal Debbarma, Falgun Debbarma and Binay Debbarma were convicted for the massacre and three were released due to lack of evidences.
  6. After the massacre, all the residents of the mix-populated village -Jarulbachai left the spot and after the end of the militancy era, some of them have now returned.


(TNT News)

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