Aizawl FC sacked foreign coach says that the Club lied to him


Manuel Retamero Fraile has said he was "surprised" at the Aizawl FC decision to let him go, and said he always wanted the best thing for his players.

Manuel was quoted telling certain media that "I have worked hard with this team. We lost against big clubs but our stats show we played well. We were improving and I was confident of avoiding relegation. Now the new coach will come in and take all the credit for the groundwork I have laid."

Earlier after losing another I League match the Aizawl FC through a statement terminated the contract of their foreign coach .

The coach's agent had also stated that they will take up this matter with higher authorities and called this move by the club as shameful.

Manuel Retamero however said that he would miss the fans and the players and also said that many of the players from the team were shocked at the treatment meted out to him.

"For example, in addition to our young players, I wanted a couple of experienced Indian players in the squad as well. I-League is a very tough competition and the team's performance as well as other players would benefit from their experience. But the management did not agree with me at that time. I wish they had listened to me."

Surprisingly just after his termination of contract the club has signed two seasoned National footballers Gouramangi Singh and Romeo Fernandes to bolster their squad