Ahead of ISL John Abraham says he would like to shoot a film in alienated Northeast


Stars often have a great PR Team and just before their product is launched they go through a blitzkrieg in the media.

We all know that Rock on 2 will be released in 11th of November and since the film is shot extensively in Shillong,we can expect Farhan and Co to speak on all issues about the region and perhaps also play at NH7 in Shillong just before the release of the movie.But atleast a major portion of the film was shot in the movie and the script ensured that the city was a integral part of the film.

But for now it is all about John Abraham , just before the opening ceremony of the ISL in guwahati we are seeing the Jism star make all the right noises.

First he spoke about how Northeast is being alienated and needs to be projected positively in the national mainstream and now he has become the Brand Ambassador to Arunachal Pradesh .

These are most likely another PR stunt to gain support for his team Northeast United FC before the ISL season starts as there are rumours that John is likely to offload some of his shares as there are severe financial pressure on him to solely run the team.

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Now John Abraham has also gone ahead and said that he would like to shoot a film in Arunachal Pradesh and he has spoken to CM Pema Khandu.Of course this all comes at a price as he wants the state to assure him of the support for the film.

Support means funding for this cash strapped state which has been reeling since changes in the government in the last few months.

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Northeast which has been starved of celebrities for decades have become a breeding ground for so called stars to make some quick buck as starry eyed politicians and officials seem more than happy to be seen with the stars.

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It is believed that many states spend more money on Fashion shows(read cultural programmes) Film festivals and festivals than pay emphasis to basic essential.

Recently it was revealed that 2.2 crores was payed to Rock on 2 team by Meghalaya government and it is rumoured that 15 crores was being payed to Priyanka Chopra to promote assam for ten days when the state government is cash strapped.

Looks like when it comes to stars priority seems to take  a backseat for politicians .It is well advised that Pema Khandu the young CM of Arunachal Pradesh sees the bluff or will he ?