After Donald Trump,ISIS also joins in to denounce the Khan Family


Donald Trump may have an enemy in common and this time he may not be in a company he would be glad to be associated.

After Khizr Khan's emotional speech in the Democrat convention with a referance to Donald Trump's view on Muslims in USA,Donald Trump had shot back Questioning Khan's wife's silence thereby suggesting that radical Islam curtails women view.

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Khan's Son Humayun Khan died fighting for America while serving in Afghanistan and is a decorated war hero.

ISIS on their part have now released its own view on the controversy in its online magazine Dabiq. Under a picture of the grave of Humayun Khan's grave at Arlington Cemetery, a caption wrote simply, "Beware of dying as an apostate."

According to the worldview of Islamic State, Muslims of any denomination who do not accept its rule — let alone those who join groups like the U.S. military — are considered traitors. Not only have they forfeited their Muslim identity, they are considered contemptible enough for their deaths to be mocked and celebrated.

Looks like radicalism has some similar views than we could ever imagine !