A loud roar from the grave: Hopingstone’s approach to fair election turns into a legacy


SHILLONG: The Lion has once again roared. And this time, from the grave. His reign as a leader might have come to an end with his death, yet his works continue to tickle the minds of every-one who knew him.
Months after his death, HSPDP leader (L) Hopingstone Lyngdoh's adoption of fair elections has turned into a legacy as people termed him as a 'True and honest politician'.
Interestingly, during a function held to observe National Voters Day in the capital city here on Monday, a veteran politician and MPCC spokesperson AH Scott Lyngdoh referred to (L) Hopingstone Lyngdoh as the only honest politician in Meghalaya politics.
"Bah Hoping who was also my colleague back in the days, was the only politician in Meghalaya who won the trust of the people not with money but with honesty," Lyngdoh said adding that this is a rare case even in the country.
Calling upon the youth to follow his concept of free and fair elections, the veteran politician said "If electoral change has to take place, one should study the approach adopted by Bah Hoping during his time as a leader."
Stories were told about the honesty of the former HSPDP leader, some even termed his concept of elections as a 'modern weapon to fight corruption'.

(TNT News)