5 Life Lessons you will learn from Traffic in Shillong!


The traffic scenario in Shillong, the capital town of Meghalaya shows no signs of improvement, in fact, it has been degrading for the worst!Time and again, people have come up with articles complaining about the pathetic state of the traffic snarl in Shillong streets and how government is responsible for the same due to no proper planning and its apathetic attitude.

However, it is high time we stop complaining and start focusing on the bright side of things. As we have heard the saying, "every cloud has a silver lining", well, I believe in it. Hence, here are 5 Life-long lessons you can learn if you have been time and again stuck in the streets of Shillong due to uncontrolled traffic!

#1 Patience and Anger-Management– Well, if you are a person who is planning to join an anger management course because you belong to one of the 'Angry Birds' category of persons, well here is the good news! Board any public transport between 9am to 4pm except on Sundays and well, you have no option but to manage and control your anger while having patience to reach your destination, though not in time!

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#2 Interaction with people– Well, how long will you use your cell phone as a respite from society. The traffic of Shillong will make you want to start a conversation with your fellow passengers. You might as well exchange 'Kwai' as a starter and then end up realizing that the world is actually not a very bad place you see!

#3 Knowing your Traffic Cops– It is obvious that as you move from one traffic halt to another in not less than 10 minutes, you actually begin to recognize the faces of your traffic police. In the long run, you even develop a sense of respect for them for their day's hard work in trying to manage the unmanageable snarl.

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#4 Debating skills– As you spend hours inside a public carrier, you begin to discuss issues, complain and blame certain people for the pathetic plight you consider yourself in. This in turn leads to discussions and debates which in turn develops your own skills, if not anything else!

#5 And last but not the least, You try to come up with solutions– Since you finally realize that none of your cribbing, bickering, blaming and complaining has helped improvise the traffic situation, you as an individual try to come up with viable solutions that may or may not help the condition yet, you evolve as a person into becoming more adjustable to situations and finding solution to problems rather than cribbing about it!

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So well, as long as the traffic remains the same let us all evolve more and more so that one fine day when our future generations question us on why did we do this to them, we might be able to come up with some viable justifications!

By Shweta Raj Kanwar (shweta@thenortheasttoday.com)

(Opinions expressed in the article are the writer's own and TNT-The Northeast Today may not subscribe to the same views)