PM Modi announces Rs 20 lakh cr special economic package to deal with COVID-19 pandemic


NEW DELHI | May 12:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a special economic package worth over 20 lakh crore rupees and 10% of India's GDP in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the package would provide relief to almost every segment of the population. He added that the details of the package would be announced in the next few days by the Finance Minister.

Prime Minister Modi also appreciated the sacrifices and commitment of migrant workers, labourers and others facing the virus outbreak. He said that Coronavirus is going to be a part of people's lives for a long time, but lives cannot simply revolve around it.

He added that Lockdown 4 will be different and have new rules and the people will be informed about it before May 18.

Mr Modi said that in a world that is fighting life and death, India's medicines have brought a new hope. He added that every Indian feels proud when India is praised everywhere in the world. He appealed to Indians to come forward and take on the responsibility of building a self reliant India.