Landslide hits Myagdi district in Nepal; 11 dead, 23 missing



A landslide in Nepal's Myagdi district resulted in the deaths of 11 people on Saturday. A search has been initiated for the 23 people who have been reported as missing.

Municipality officials said that 10 bodies were recovered from Marang and one from Thadakhani. and that efforts have been made to recover the 11 missing from different locations.

District Police Chief DSP Kiran Kunwar, stated that a rescue helicopter is being prepared to fly towards the site which will also carry some relief materials.

The local police also mentioned that 43 houses have been buried in the district due to the landslide, though the total loss in physical properties has not been ascertained yet.

The local municipality officer also mentioned that over 400 affected people have been taking shelter at a community building and at a school building in Takam, Marang and Ghantiwang.