Covid-19: In 24hrs, France reports 516 new deaths from Coronavirus


NATIONAL | APRIL 24, 2020:

France reported 516 new deaths from the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing its overall toll to 21,856 fatalities yesterday, the country's health department said.

But the number of patients in intensive care is continuing a two-week decline, falling by 165 over 24 hours to 5,053.

Although hospitals across France are still receiving a steady stream of new cases the overall number of those who remain hospitalized with the virus continues to drop, underscoring an eight-day trend.

Since the start of the epidemic 42,088 people have left hospital, the health service said.

French authorities say the coming days are key if the country is to be able to meet a May 11 target to begin a gradual end to national lockdown measures imposed in mid-March.