5 interesting facts you need to know about Republic Day celebrations


5FACTS | January 26, 2020:

Here are five interesting facts about Republic Day that many do not know of.

#1. 26 January was chosen to be observed as the Republic day because it was on this day in 1930 when the Indian National Congress declared Purna Swaraj or Indian independence from the British regime.

#2. To date, India has the longest written Constitution in the world. It has 448 articles in 22 Parts, 12 Schedules and 97 Amendments.

#3. There are two hand-written copies of the Constitution — in Hindi and in English. The copies are kept in helium filled cases in the Parliament's library.

#4. Abide With Me, a Christian hymn is played at the end of the Republic Day ceremony every year. It is believed to be one of Mahatma Gandhi's favourite songs.

#5. Our Constitution, that took Dr BR Ambedkar — Chairman of the Constitution Committee about two years and 11 months to make the first draft — was a work of inspiration. The five-year-plans were taken from the constitution of the USSR and concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity from the French constitution.