5 facts you need to know about International Nurses day


FACTS | MAY 12, 2020:

With widespread COVID-19 pandemic in the entire nation, our forefront warriors play an important role in the 0ngoing fight; hence to thank them, we salute and celebrate their bravery and selfless effort, on the occasion of 'International Nurses day'.

Here are the facts you need to know;

#Every year on May 12 we observe International Nurses Day across the world to mark the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who laid the foundations of modern nursing in the 1850s at the time of the Crimean War. Nurse's day is intended to honor and note the many contributions nurses make to society. Nurses care for our loved ones at some of the most challenging times of their lives. They may run short of time, but not compassion.

#Before the 1850s, nursing was not considered as a profession and it was Florence Nightingale who got the idea to establish nursing as a profession. She treated many wounded soldiers from the Crimean war and realized that the nobility of nursing as an occupation. Soon Nightingale started with the classes to train women who wanted to pursue nursing at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

#Florence started giving training at St Thomas' Hospital and later went to King's hospital in London to spread awareness about nursing as a profession.

#She published over 200 books and pamphlet educating people about nursing, telling them what does it include and what it didn't. She was a hard-working lady with a passion for healing and nurturing and her extraordinary efforts made her way to the red cross society. Even today, exceptional nurses receive the Florence Nightingale award for care to the wounded in war or peace.

#The theme for International Nurses Day 2020 is 'Royal salute to our great nursing heroes'. Nurses, nursing students, lab technicians, and college principals took part in the events. It is also the 120th anniversary of the International Council of Nurses(ICN).

TNT-The Northeast Today would like to thank all the health workers, who have put themselves on the front line in this battle of the pandemic.