10 including four terrorists killed in Pakistan Stock Exchange attack


NEW DELHI | JUNE 29, 2020:

Gunmen attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) building in Karachi on Monday, resulting in the deaths of 10 people, including the four militants who were gunned down by security personnel.

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) – a militant group working out of Afghanistan – has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The heavily armed terrorists entered the parking area of the PSE building. According to witnesses, the terrorists threw grenades in every direction and started firing indiscriminately.

Police and Ranger officials arrived at the scene soon after the attack and killed all four attackers

Four security guards, a policeman and a bystander were killed in the ensuing melee.

"The attack was carried out in the building's compound, confirming that one of the four terrorists could reach inside," said Pakistan Stock Exchange officials.

A counter-terrorism department official said the attackers were carrying significant quantities of ammunition and grenades in backpacks.

The attack has also raised serious concerns over the re-emergence of terror outfits in the country.