You are allowed to intentionally kill pedestrians in China!

Would you have the guts to Hit and Run? Our conscience might not allow us to do such a thing right? And maybe if mistakenly we hit a person we might get out of our car and check if the person is doing just fine. Normal people do that. Fast forward to China where people do not only hit and run but also make sure they hit the person right to kill them. It may seem shocking to people with a good conscience but this is actually happening in China and Taiwan where people seem to have a lack for conscience and humanity.

The biggest reason for killing the victim in a hit and run case in China is basically money. When you hit a victim and they survive you are responsible for them and their health care bills for the rest of their lives that could run into millions but if you kill the victim you might have to pay $30,000 to $50,000 and that is a one-off payment.

The truth is that the oppressor is not killing the victim on purpose but supposedly a person hit another they repeatedly do it to make sure the person is completely dead. In one such case A BMW-driving young man was caught on camera reversing out of a parking spot. He accidentally hits a 3-year-old boy and rolls over his skull. The young man then crushes the boy again. Unbelievably, he then gets out of the car, puts it in reverse and guides it over the boy for a third time – just to make sure he's dead. If that wasn't enough, he gets back into his car and runs over him a fourth time. This gruesome act is a normal occurrence in China and Taiwan

You may be wondering in the previous story that the person who killed the 3 year old might have suffered severe punishment over the fact that its caught on camera yet he was charged with 'accidentally causing a person's death' because he claimed that he thought he was running over a bag of rubbish or a cardboard box. Despite the fact he literally got out of his car and guided the vehicle over the little boy's head.

Even the law abides to the criminal acts. In the meantime such crimes are normal in China and they are called 'Hit to kill'. And anyone who visit China and run the chances of getting hit should be aware of the  fact that they lack Ethical consideration.