Technology 2015: You can book your Bakri Eid goat/cow online!


Making things a level easier for consumers, now an online portal for shopping sacrificial animals for the upcoming Eid celebrations is doing the rounds!

Sheep owners who are willing to sell their animals for the sacrifice are posting online classified ads in platforms. This has evoked a huge response. The cost of animal ranges from Rs 12000 to Rs 50000. Interestingly, there are a lot of Hindu buyers for mutton who feel this is an easier way to shop for red meat!

Most argue that the real charm is going offline though. Markets are swarming with sheep and goats, with buyers checking out age and pedigree with a peek at the animal's teeth. On OLX alone, there are close to 3,500 ads for cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. Quikr, too, has a large list.

Offline prices range between Rs 5,000 and Rs 90,000, depending on the breed and size.

While the Bannur variety — priced between Rs 15,000 and Rs 45,000 — continues to be in high demand, there are sheep and goats from Shira, Andhra Pradesh, Amingad, Jamunapuri, and even Australia. Goats from Kashmir are among the most expensive, vendors point out, but there isn't a uniform price.

'OLX pe bech do' seems to be catching up a lot these days!