Meet 2Pac Khasi, the construction worker-turned-rapper 

His debut music video is called ‘Ka Thong’ and he wants this song to be

an inspiration to others, especially those who are aspiring to be rappers.



In today’s digital age, if you have genuine talent, it’s just a matter of time before you achieve success. And for Baniohbor Lyngdoh, a 20-year-old construction worker from Jaiaw in Shillong, that time came when he was busy dealing with brick, cement, and sand in a building site in Mylliem village.

Baniohbor is a rapper – not just any rapper, but someone, who, today, is widely touted as “2Pac Khasi”, after the legendary rapper, 2Pac Shakur. One day, Baniohbor was going about his business in a building site, and to counter his boredom was babbling words rhythmically when it caught the attention of Lening Bareh, the supervisor and proprietor of the construction site. Bareh took notice of the youngster’s talent and posted a video of him, doing what he does, on a social media website. Within hours, the video went viral and Baniohbor became an overnight rapping sensation in the state. And on Saturday, the youngster released his first official video!

Baniohbor says that things took a beautiful turn ever since the video was posted on social media. “The name of my debut music video is ‘Ka Thong’. I want this song to be an inspiration to others, especially those who are aspiring to be rappers. This has been the best experience of my life,” he says. Composed and performed by Baniohbor Lyngdoh and Kyntiewlin Mawphniang, a renowned singer from Meghalaya, the music video is directed by John R Kharlyngdoh and the music is produced by DJ DBRYN.


He adds that a few months after his video went viral, an independent record label, DBRYN Records, from Shillong, noticed his talent and enrolled him under its "Support Local Artist" campaign – an initiative aimed at supporting local artists in music and video production.

Baniohbor stays with his parents - PL Nonglait and P Sancley, and four siblings (one sister and three brothers) in a two-room house in Jaiaw. His father works as a peon at the Roberts Hospital, and his mother is a hawker who sells kwai in the area. “We work hard to make ends meet. We may be poor but there is no dearth of ambition in my children. I am really happy that one of my children has started living his dream,” says Baniohnor’s mother, Sancley, adding that a little financial support can help Baniohbor touch new heights in his career.

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