‘The Stage tour’ to hit Guwahati and Shillong this weekend


The first home grown English singing competition to ever hit the Indian screens was brought to us by Colours Infinity channel. Known as 'The Stage,' it featured a variety of singers showing casing their talents by performing English songs. The show has now taken on a new dimension with the first edition of 'The Stage Tour'.

The tour will see the winner and four of the top contestants perform over 8 cities starting with Chennai. 'The Stage' winner Yatharth Ratnum will perform alongside the other contestants—Soundarya Jayachandran, Kenishaa Francis, Anushka Shahane and Rupin Pahwa. They have wooed India with their musical prowess on television and now they will woo audiences across the country. They are also set to perform in two North-eastern cities. Guwahati on April 15 at Terra Maya and Shillong on the 16th of April at Cloud 9.

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image: internet