Naga Artist Ket Meth releases Music Video “Momo”


NORTHEAST | 27, 2020:

Viketoulie Metha AKA Ket Meth released his second single called "Momo", simply for the joy of enjoying food.

Directed by Naga Twist Productions, the music video also features upcoming dancers from Nagaland by the names Atu Richa & Aboholi Achumi.

"It initially started as a joke before being converted into a full-fledged song and the intro track of his self produced debut album "Eyes" stated a press release.

The idea of the song is to highlight the goodness of relishing on a scrumptious plate of steam filled dumpling(Momos) and how it can be a merriment experience without the need to indulge in drugs and alcohol which can be a challenge for most youngsters to overcome, it added.

Earlier, Keth had released a single number entitled "Down" which speaks of young people fighting mental pressures, that are left un-expressed.

Youtube link: 

Ket Meth – MOMO (Official Music Video) | Nagaland