Meet Seilensang Khongsai, a young upcoming artist with his debut single


Seilensang Khongsai is a pop singer, composer, song-writer from Dimapur, Nagaland. He has been innately born with a talent of singing which he discovered at a very early age. His first performance which he recalls was at a church which then eventually built up his confidence. He has made numerous contributions to the music scene in Nagaland and is thus, by far one of the most talented upcoming artists from the region.

Khongsai is currently pursuing his degree from City College of Arts & Commerce, Dimapur. He is a vocal student of a very renowned Naga artist Henry Tungoe.

He is a diverse singer who experiments his abilities with different musical genres including pop, country and contemporary.

Seilen has released his debut single Sunshine of my life in March 2016 on Indihut. The song opens on a melodious note and the opening line goes a little something like this,

"When the twinkling stars, Colour in the dark night sky

Is the way you colour,

My darkest life, my darkest life…"

The very opening line is a connotation of a feeling inexplicable; a love worth yearning when you have that someone in your life and it's definitely a song worth listening to.

The single was written and composed by his mentor Henry Tungoe. To download the song, click on the link given below:

(By Mebanaibor Nengnong)