Meet Muno Shiu, an upcoming singer-songwriter from Nagaland


Muno Shiu, a young singer-songwriter from Nagaland whose music are brilliant in tune, lyrics and finesse is someone we ought to watch out. His two singles 'Rise and Walk' and 'My Love for You' are monumental in describing his work so far.

His two songs have generated quite a buzz on social media and if you have not heard of him, here is an opportunity for you to know this young artist and become familiar with his works which are available on Songdew and Indihut. 

In an interview with Auswyn Winter Japang for TNT-The Northeast Today, Muno Shiu talks about his journey so far and his achievements and future aspirations. Here is an exclusive interview with the artist himself.

TNT: Greeetings from TNT,  May I have your introduction?

MS: Hi, I'm Muno Shiu, a young and a promising artist from Khiamniungan Naga community, presently residing at Dimapur, Nagaland. I'm younger among Two siblings. I graduated from Tetso college Dimapur. When it comes to music, I love playing Drums, Bass & Guitar.

So far, I have released two of my originals at INDIHUT & SONGDEW website, the first one is called "Rise and Walk" its a message to the youths to choose a better life and my second song is "My Love for You" which is a love ballad. Apart from music I love playing table tennis and I also believe " Music is a powerful medium to inspire and motivate people to live a better life".

TNT: When did you start out as an artist?

MS: Well, music has been a part of me since I was young and I started performing at my early age. From an early age I started going up on stage and perform along with my parents. They helped and encouraged me a lot to know the different tastes of music and also my debut single "Rise and Walk" introduced me to music environment and that's how I got into the bigger scene.

TNT: You've been active on social media sharing your originals in Songdew and Indihut, how has the internet been helpful for you as an artist?

MS:  These days internet or online services are really helping artists and the musicians. It allows us to stay connected with people all over the world, so no doubt, this is one way we can rely to explore our products. And Yes I'm keeping myself up to date with the internet world. The social media has been my sort of genie in the lamb for me ..ha-ha! It has helped me to keep in touch constantly with producers, organisers, friends and well-wishers.

TNT: I have to ask you, I've listened to your song 'My Love for you' and it is simply brilliant…it has the finish of a love ballad and yet stays true to the modern beat…What is your inspiration for this particular song?

MS: I should say " My Love For You" is a dedication and a treat to my special one. The song says it all: clear and simple. And my inspiration for that song is someone very dear to my heart. So it says open up your heart and let me in .

TNT: How would you consider your music genre ?

MS: Being an artist I'm open to variety of genres but the music I mostly experiment could be Indie rock, soulful music, EDM, etc.

TNT: Who has influenced you the most?

MS: Well, I would rather say it was a mixture of influence and passion. My parents have always been my support and influence all throughout my journey and my passion was what kept me going so far. My parents were the ones who introduced me my first stage and that memory is still fresh in me .

TNT: When was the first song that you have originally composed?

MS: It was somewhere around 2009, I first originally composed a theme song for one local footballing club with the song titled "Amazing talent". After that, I started composing many songs.

TNT: Do you do covers as well? If yes, how many have you done so far? Are they out there in any particular social media platform?                                                             
MS: No, I don't do covers I prefer to do originals.

TNT: Local artiste(s) you would love to collaborate with? Be it from any part of the Northeast                               

MS: Well! thank you, for bringing this question and I wanna be straight in  answering, haha, I wanna do a collaboration with ALOBO NAGA and INCIPIT Band , I'm working so hard to reach them and I believe one day I will do it and I believe I can .

TNT: How hard is it to create an original piece?

MS: It takes a lot to complete a song. One has to get inspiration and create it in a way to connect to the listeners. So, as for me, completing a song could be one big achievement. Apart from the creativity and extreme hard work, the common hardship is to be oneself, for instance we tend to follow or imitate the songs of those bands we follow and subconsciously it reflects in our own works.

TNT: Improvising and composing can be difficult, I suppose. How do you balance the two?

MS: Yes, improvising and composing is not easy. Specially if it has to be taken by a single person. In order to create a good piece I have to undergo with a lot of measures like recording my tracks, and then the repetitive listening to apply inputs accordingly. They are like the two sides of the same coin. No matter who you are or how good you are, there is always room for improvement. So, I constantly have to keep watch and do better each time and that too better than my last. Its like to see it as beating myself in a way..haha

TNT: Shows you've played at?

MS: Well, most of the shows I had done in are in Nagaland but apart from that I had performed in Guwahati, Shillong and Delhi. Recently, I also took part at Acoustic Heroes competition also which was held at Guwahati and I was the finalist .

TNT: As a singer, let me have your opinion on the current music scene in Northeast as a whole.

MS: Northeast is a good place for music. We see variety of music experimenting here. The people with inborn talents in music and their love for it cannot be defined… Great to be a part of this region.

TNT: What do you think is needed to uplift music in Dimapur and NE in general?                               

MS: A lot has been implemented for the upliftment of music in our region but it all comes down to support to the musicians from the public and the government. I believe very soon music will have a greater impact in our land.

TNT: Any plans on releasing a Single/Album any time soon?                               
MS: Waooo it's a biggg Yes, my fans told me to provide them again so I'm almost done with my next single its called "Like the Stars" A tribute song, soon it will be hitting different websites …Watch out !

TNT: How about sharing with our readers about the journey you've endured as a singer since you started until this very moment?

MS: Well, it has been quiet a challenging as well as exciting journey so far, in a nut shell: lots of sleepless nights and supporting as well as not so supporting people around lol!. My journey thus far in music has been a great experience. I got the chance to meet a lot of talented people around and it was the best of all to share together what we love doing… Thank you

TNT: Anything you might like to convey our readers  out there?                               
MS: Just a small message to all the music lovers out there. People, Follow your passion no matter what and always strive for the best. And if you wanna hear more of my songs than here is my link I wanna say thank you to TNT group for recognising me, God bless.

Thank you for your time Muno Shiu, it has been wonderful to have an interview with you. We would further like to convey our heartfelt wishes to you and all your future endeavours and aspirations as well. We wish you the best and keep making good music in the days to come! Thanks

Interviewed By Auswyn Winter Japang