B’wood actress Dipannita Sharma talks about Assam & her childhood in an exclusive interview with TNT


By SHWETA RAJ KANWAR | March 15, 2018

Dipannita Sharma, a renowned Bollywood actress, model and a face of premier brands rose to fame after making it to the top 5 of Miss India 1998 where she was also adjudged as 'Miss Photogenic' in the same contest.

She is best remembered for her role in Bollywood movies like 16 December (2002) and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl (2011) among many others. Having been born and brought up in the Northeast Indian state of Assam, this actress is firmly rooted to her culture and traditions and never misses any opportunity to showcase the richness of Northeast India whenever given a chance.

TNT- The Northeast Today managed to get an interview of her despite her busy schedule and here are excerpts from our interview with the charming Dipannita Sharma.

TNT: We learnt that a major part of your growing years were spent in Assam? Please tell us about how did the region mould you as a person and to becoming what you are at present?

DIPANNITA: Growing up in Assam taught me how important it is to be rooted,to never forget where you come from. The inherent simplicity,the innocence of Assam in my growing up years is something I shall carry with me forever. When I was growing up, especially around my teenage Assam was going through a very different volatile phase, where I think we all largely felt 'neglected' by the rest of the country, literally alienated & that somehow I think ingrained in me the fact that wherever I go, the first thing I am going to proudly announce is "I am an Assamese" . I continue to do that.

TNT: Please tell us few things about Northeast India that you cherish the most

DIPANNITA: the memories, the food, the friendship,the scenic beauty & the wonderful road trips through Assam & other pasty of Northeast with my family

TNT: A memory from Assam that you are most fond of

DIPANNITA: Taking part in cultural programmes in the Narangi club in Guwahati ( I think this is where we learnt to respect all faiths & cultures. We used to celebrate everything from Diwali,Bihu,different pujas to Christmas & so much more ). Also my days in days in all 3 schools ( Holy Child school , Guwahati , St.Mary's Nahrkatia & K.V duliajan out of which I spent maximum number of years in Holy Child ) I attended were great fun & much cherished

TNT: With so many youths from the region getting into the industry of cine buzz and modelling, do you think you have set a bench mark for them to attain?

DIPANNITA: I hope I have . If I have inspired even one person from the region to follow their heart & take up a profession that makes them happy, then I feel fortunate . At the end of it, it's about believing in yourself & never giving up on your dreams

TNT: Are you planning to give back what you received to the region? if so how?

DIPANNITA:  Well, depends on what you mean by ' giving back' . Honestly, I feel that everytime I attend an event, every time I give an interview on a national level & every time my name is taken in any platform , the fact that everyone knows and acknowledges that I am a proud Assamese itself is in a small way me 'giving back' to the region… The fact that people call me to ask for Assamese recipes for cook books is me 'giving back' to the region . When I get a call from a reputed national magazine to write a piece on Bihu because they think I'd be the best person to do so, I am doing the same( giving back ).The fact that I am doing my first Assamese film to support Assamese cinema is 'giving back'. Given my professional spectrum I will continue to do whatever I can forAssam & the region.For me it's the small steps that make for a bigger picture ?

Fun facts about Dipannita Sharma:

# Favourite colour

Darker shades of blue

# Favourite actor/s

Leonardo Di caprio, Johnny depp ,Irfan khan ,Amir khan

# Favourite actress/s

Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson,Kate Winslet ,Tabu ,Madhuri Dixit, Waheeda Rehman

# Favourite book/s

Pride & prejudice, Persepolis,The palace of illusions, The collected short stories of Roald Dahl

# Things you cannot do without

Sleep,water,travel,reading,family time,music & work ( in no particular order )

# A Memory that you cherish forever

All my wonderful trips in the country & around the world are extremely special & memorable .

# A principle in life that you abide by at all costs

Do what you feel is right,in your heart.Never get swayed by other people's opinions,especially opinions of you.When you listen to your gut,everything falls into place.

# Favourite song/s

Oh this one's impossible way too many to write down …?

# Your hobbies

Listening to/ singing songs, baking cakes, reading & travelling

TNT: Your message for upcoming stars from the Northeast Indian region

DIPANNITA: Makes me so happy that more & more talent from The north east are coming in to the industry. When I came to work this side of the country there was almost nobody from our region & I took pride in telling people about where I came from. There were so many who didn't know what it was like back home. I feel so proud that our region is making amazing progress in  various fields. To all the talented youngsters from NE, I just want to say…Hang in there, even when things look like they aren't going great. It will… Sooner or later. Perseverance is the key.

TNT- The Northeast Today wishes Dipannita Sharma all the very best and hopes that she continues to inspire many others from Northeast Indian region to make the the region proud!

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