Coming soon: Guwahati’s very own independent music festival


TNT Y! | February 05, 2019

For one of the biggest and most accessible cities of Northeast India, the musical center of the country, Guwahati has conspicuously lacked a major music festival. Unlike NH7 Weekender in Shillong, Hornbill in Dimapur, and the Ziro Festival of music in Ziro Valley, names which have flourished and carved out a space for themselves among the major events in India's festival circuit, Guwahati's Rongali and Metropolis Fest have remained relatively localized in their outreach.

This is precisely the gap that the Drift Music Festival is looking to bridge. Being organized by Guwahati based media and communications poster-boys Superpress and scheduled to be held in Greenwood Resort in the outskirts of the city over the weekend of March 9-10, the festival features a stellar lineup which measures up to some of the biggest Indian independent music festivals.

Festival producer Kundan Raj comments: "The aim is to bring the Indie subculture to the city. The city hasn't seen an exchange of this sorts happen in recent times and we aim to bring this to the city's audiences with a firm belief that it can help restructure some of the dynamics of how music is being perceived by, in the city."   

Among the artists confirmed to beperforming in the festival are Suraj Mani and the Tattva Trip, When Chai MetToast, Aswekeepsearching, The Yellow Diary and Ritviz. Additionally, it willalso host a battle of bands and other promotional activities to be announcedsoon.