Avengers Infinity War directors Russo Brothers reveal which character should never die


ENTERTAINMENT | August 5, 2018:

Avengers Infinity War has left fans of the Marvel universe with more questions than answers. The Russo Brothers, who directed the film recently answered questions from fans ahead of the release of the digital version of the film. #VuduViewingParty went viral within minutes and the directors received hundreds of questions.

From feeling like a kid in the candy store when it comes to the props used in the film to the more serious aspect of working on detailed war scenes, the Russo Brothers revealed a lot about the film and its future. Thanos's finger snap broke many hearts all over the world. A fan asked, "Was it always the plan to include the snap in Infinity War? Or was it a decision you worked towards while writing the film?" The directors responded, "While the snap was always a dream of ours, we needed to really develop the movie before we knew we could achieve it."

When asked which part of the film was most difficult to shoot for Infinity War, they said, "The battle in Wakanda was so massive in scale and complexity; it was really challenging for the entire production to pull off."

The directors were asked if the theory of Groot's real name being Tree is true and they had the cutest response. "I am Groot," they said.

When it comes to the Infinity Stones itself, Russo Brothers has the most fun spinning a tale for the Soul Stone. "The Soul Stone was the most mysterious, and so the most fun to spin a story around," they said. They also revealed which character should never die. "Howard the Duck. He should never die," came the response.

Red Skull, one of the characters that we met in Infinity Wars was tasked with guarding the soul stone. Now that Thanos got hold of the stone, does it mean Red Skull could leave Vormir? Russo brothers answered, "Red Skull is free to leave Vormir, and he is also free to pursue his desire for an Infinity Stone." This makes one wonder, will Red Skull be the game changer?

Source: The Hindustan Times