Assam Future Chef 2016- Ekajolly Das takes home a lakh; delights taste buds!


GUWAHATI: In a world which sometimes seems full of endless TV cooking shows, this highly original, imaginative and raucous cooking competition of IAM-IHM is delivering a tremendous platform for the upcoming students who aspires to become a chef in future. IAM-IHM is an upfront and recurrent name for organizing 'Assam Future Chef'. It is a unique Culinary skills challenge open to school students across Assam where high school students pitch their culinary skills against each other and the winner gets 1 lac in cash prize.

The competition was held at IAM hotel school, Six Mile, Guwahati from 22nd of September with numerous students from the city and Meghalaya, Guwahati flocking to get a chance to host it again. These three days tough competition was taken advantage of by the participants to the fullest to showcase their cooking skills, and students seen rushing in winsome with some new local dishes. More than 1000 participants,indulged themselves in this competition to unfold their talents and galvanize the audiences. But unfortunately, only 160 students could make it to the semi-finals.Likewise, 20 participants made it to the finals.

"We have been working for almost 1 and half months to make the event a grand one. During this period, we visited several schools and I really appreciate their efforts and may they achieve their desired dreams very soon" Susanta Chakraborty added (Head of IAM-IHM).

"Being a chef in India is not a new concept, but for a place like Northeast India it's a very new concept. Many aspires to become a doctor or an engineer. But now you can think of a career in this also' Anita Goswami stated (Chief Guest).

Ekajolly Das from Maharishi VidyaMandir, Barsajai succeeded to grab the winner's title of this year 'Assam Future Chef' followed by Deeparshi Sharma and Jannat Rahman as first and second runners up.

"It was a great experience participating in this event. My mother has been a great judge and inspiration for me. I never cooked pigeon in my life, but today it all went well at one go. I want to thank IAM-IHM for providing me the opportunity and the platform in such a great event and bringing me to light. Thank you once again", Ekajolly Das added.

Assam future chef was a very good book that actually ended up having a life lesson in it. The lesson was don't cheat to make it to the top. The story was about Geronimo's cousin wanting to go to the super chef contest and compete. But the thing is is that he needed a partner to compete. And eventually, Geronimo agreed to be his partner during the seven day contest. The only thing that he knew is that his cousins food was not good at all and he did not know how he was making it so far in the competition. But on the last night before the last delivers a mix of every ingredient except actual food.  Part of Assembly's Korean season, this cooking-competition-inspired production showcases the extraordinary talents of its ensemble in a celebration of smart, silly fun.

These excellent performers are among the most enthusiastic and generous entertainers at the Assam Future Chef. This production is made for its audience and will get a smile out of anyone, even the tight-lipped, cross-armed guy in the front row whom one of the chefs teasingly picks on.

(TNT News)

(Image: Ritu Raj Boruah)