5 Skill based Dances of the Northeast


Dance is one form of art which defines the culture and identity of the particular community or tribe. While they may seem imitable, some of these dances require extensive training for perfection. Here are 5 skill based dances of the Northeast.

Hojagiri Dance of Tripura

Hojagiri is a famous folk dance of Tripura. The dance is performed by only women, of about 4 to 6 member in a team. It's incredible how these women balance themselves on an earthen pitcher, and manage other props such as a bottle on the head, and earthen lamp on the hand. No doubt! This dance requires extensive training and are performed by experts.

Shad Pliang of Meghalaya

Shad Pliang is a common dance among the Jaintia tribe in Meghalaya. The women use plates as their dancing props while moving to the beats of the music. These skilled women possess such talent which allows them to swing the plates, turn them in and out, up and down without losing their grip.

Cheraw Dance of Mizoram

Cheraw Dance is no doubt the pride of Mizoram, it is a very old traditional dance of the Mizos. The bamboos staves are placed on top of the other creating a rectangle shape. The men move these bamboo staves in rhythmic beats while the women dance by stepping in and out of the bamboo blocks. Wearing a smiley face these women are alert enough to move from one block to another without being hit!

Pung Cholon Dance of Manipur

The one dance that will amaze you is the Pung Cholon dance of Manipur. This dance is just incredible; the male dancers play the Pung (a form of hand beaten drum) and dance to their beats while doing a series of acrobatic moves as well. Pung Cholon borrows elements from the Manipuri martial arts Thang Ta and Sarit Sarak and also from the traditional Maibi Jagoi dance. No wonder, they can swing so high while landing perfectly on their feet.

Bihu dance of Assam

Bihu dance is a folk dance of Assam performed by both young men and women, it is characterized by brisk dance steps, and rapid hand movement. The dance moves is usually characterized by definite postures; movements of the hips, arms, wrists; twirls, squats and bends but no jumps.