A review on the short-film by Youthkorner


The craziness among the youths for selfie and photos have gradually heightened in recent period. Younger generations tend to use the photos taken on them as a means of communication. The primary role of photography has shifted from capturing special moments and remembering family life, to a way of communicating to our peers, forming our own identity, and fortifying social bonds.

Many times youths are taking photos to say this is how I'm feeling right here, right now for instance Instagram, users are taking photos to communicate with an another person.

The people has started expecting that the camera is going to remember things for them, so they don't have to continue processing that object and they don't even get engage in the types of things that would help them to remember it. Most of the youngsters visit new places for some good photos of them so as to upload on Social Media rather than keeping it as a memory tool.

Whether it be a rock concert or an EDM festival, most of the audiences remain busy or filming the whole rock concert. In a recent study it has been proved that if we look at something without taking a picture then our brain work harder to create a memory of it. It's gone too far. Selfie has dominated our real life with digital technology. We have to overthink a Social Media to know who would want to see a photo of us.

Youthzkorner is a group of youth/students rooted on various activities, to bring out the potential in them. These bunch of young talented youngsters from Guwahati have been actively trying to change and pass a good message to the society. Recently they released a new short film, related to the new technology and how people has enormously occupied by it.

"There's a thing in everyone's life. A proud possession. An obsession .Slowly and unknowingly we are getting into the colossal mess of social media and machinery lifestyle. Concerned about our virtual status while we stay oblivious of what's around. We are getting insensitive .No limit can stop us to let go of our obsession. Taking a life won't be tough for us. Are you getting inhuman? Turning into machines .Being a scoundrel and walking towards a grim reality just to keep what's our PRECIOUS," Youthzkorner added

Written & Directed by Anuprash Das
Dialogues Raktim Chaudang & Maitri Das
Cinematography Anuprash Das
Editing Anubhav Gogoi
Voice over Artist Abhijit Kazi
Music & Sound Design Anubhav Gogoi
Management Kamal Lochan

Watch the video here:

(By : Ritu Raj Boruah)