Supreme Court to hear petitions regarding Love Jihad laws



The Supreme Court, on Wednesday, agreed to hear petitions challenging ‘Love Jihad’ laws and their validity in the constitutional framework of India.

The decision came in response to petitions which argued that the law would disturb the basic structure of the constitution which has structured the idea of secularism, equality and non-discrimination.

States like Uttar Pradesh (UP), Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand recently passed laws on religious conversions in their respective states.

The laws were passed to prevent inter-faith marriages and consequent conversion by making it a punishable offence.

Under the ‘Love Jihad’ laws, a marriage would be declared null and void if the marriage is for the sole purpose of conversion.

The three states have their legislations to deal with the accused under the ambit of the law.

In UP, ‘Love Jihad’ invites a non-bailable offence and up to ten years in prison.

(Edited by Shankar Turha)


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