Sikkim | SDF government is running on ventilator support, says Golay


GANGTOK | November 26, 2018:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM), P.S. Golay claimed on Sunday that the SDF government is running on ventilator support and its days are numbered as it has started to show its desperation by announcing inducements through Janta Mela before the election while fooling the same people after coming to power.

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In a constituency level meeting of SKM at Melli Gumpa Dara under Melli constituency, south district, Golay appealed to the people to give a five-year term to the party and choose another party if it fails to deliver as per expectations. He had also criticised the ruling SDF for adding debt on the people of Sikkim, which in turn is levied through taxes by the poor people

Golay asserted that the SKM will come to power in 2019 and exhorted all party workers to work with discipline and honesty, a SKM release informs.

"The SDF government is misleading poor, educated and unemployed children through the 'one family, one job' scheme. There is massive scam in the name of organic mission as only the affluent are being benefited while poor farmers are not getting the price for their produce. SKM government will conduct only written interviews for recruitments because personal interviews are means of corruption and nepotism," said Golay in his address.

Commenting on the Chief Minister's remark on regularisation of adhoc teachers, the SKM president said the mandatory norms for regularisation as cited by the Chief Minister are not applicable for their relatives. He stated that the SKM will regularise the adhoc teachers after coming to power.

On the letter by SKM MLAs to BJP chief Amit Shah doing rounds, Golay maintained that the letter had been written seeking the Central party's intervention to uproot corruption in Sikkim. Further, Golay dared the SDF to expel the seven former SKM MLAs who defected to the ruling front.

Source: Sikkim Express