Nagaland: There is heavy politicking within NPF, clarifies former members on leaving party


KOHIMA | Nov 29, 2019:

The twelve members of the Naga People's Front (NPF), who recently resigned from the party to joined the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) have clarified that their decision to resign was "purely executed" on their own volition after having lost their trust in the collective leadership of the party.

The NPF in Nagaland, on November 19, suffered a major setback, after 12 of its members decided to resign from the party and extended their support to Chief Minister and NDPP leader, Neiphiu Rio.

"Our merger with the NDPP party should not be misconstrued as political adventurism nor in pursuance of our personal interest or ambitions," said one of the former NPF members, Mhao Yanthan.

Stating that their loyalty for the party was broken after constantly being "ignored by the party's higher hierarchy", Yanthan said, "Time and again, we the youth wing, as the soldier of the party had made so many suggestions to revamp and re-strengthened the party, so that the broken home of the NPF party can be rebuilt and stand firm and tall. However, all these well meaning suggestions were ignored in total contrast to our good intention, and we were branded as anti-Party activist by the party higher ups."

Furthermore, the former members alleged that at present, the NPF partymen and women have become like "sheep without Shepherd" because of the differences and heavy politicking within the NPF family.

Considering themselves fortunate for having left a sinking ship on time, Yanthan said, "Our resigning from the NPF party is neither political advertism nor to pursue our own interest, but to save ourselves from being drown."

Praising CM Neiphiu Rio, the members said, "The NPF party under the leadership of Niephiu Rio had been strong and stable at one point of time, which had been tasted by all the partymen and women. As such, with the belief that we would once again enjoyed the fruit of his able leadership and allow us to complete our political voyage smoothly, we decided to join the NDPP led by dynamic leader Niephiu Rio and it's President Mr. Chingwang Konyak."