Nagaland Delimitation exercise: Govt to act for the best interest of Nagas


KOHIMA | SEPT 07, 2020:

On the delimitation exercise for Nagaland, state BJP President Temjen Imna Along, while addressing the media said that the state government would like to examine whatever is decided by the Centre's committee members in the best interest for the Nagas of Nagaland.

He said, earlier whatever he had proposed in his letter to the central leaders on delimitation exercise was what the cabinet had discussed during their meeting and it was nothing personal.

The State BJP will wait and support the commitment that was promised by Prime Minister Modi.

"The BJP party being a high command party will not act on anything until and unless the central party leaders give any directives," he added.

Along said they were not aware why the opposition Naga People Front (NPF) had pulled out from the Joint Legislative Forum(JLF) and stated that the JLF is still very much functioning and the PDA have not defunct the JLF.

He also added, "if the opposition party wishes to rejoin the JLF after a few months they are welcome to do so."


Know Northeast India | Nagaland's Khonoma village

Know Northeast India | Nagaland's Khonoma village