Nagaland BJP lauds PM’s commitment towards the people


KOHIMA | SEPT 17, 2020:

The BJP Nagaland State Unit, on Thursday, celebrated  Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 70th birthday by offering prayers for the leader's wellbeing at their central office in Kohima.

State BJP President Temjen Imna Along expressed his gratitude and lauded Modi's dynamic leadership in taking the nation forward, including his commitment towards the Naga people in bringing about an honourable and acceptable solution.

"There is no reason people should not believe in the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, especially in the way he is tackling the Indo Naga Political issue," Along said.

Speaking on the Naga peace accord, he said that it was Modi who made history when he walked hand in hand with the insurgent leaders by signing the historic Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015.

"It is the Nagas who have to choose what they want and not for Government of India to choose what (the) Nagas want," he said.

He stated that civil society organizations and NGOs have imposed full faith in Modi for an honourable solution.

He said the stand of  Nagaland BJP on the Naga issue is very definitive and called upon the fragmented Naga political groups to be "inclusive" and united in their approach, rather than to lay the blame on the Central Government.


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