Nagaland Assembly dismisses case against seven MLAs


KOHIMA | JULY 14, 2020:

Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) Speaker dismisses the disqualification case of seven Naga People Front (NPF) MLAs.

Nagaland Legislative Assembly speaker, Sharingain Longkumer dismissed the disqualification petition of seven NPF MLA's who defied the party decision during the last parliamentary election, citing the reason that the respondents are not liable to be disqualified under Para 2 (1) (a) of the 10th schedule, on Tuesday.

The case resumed after more than a year of filing the disqualification petition for their act of defiance against the party decision in the last parliamentary election.

Addressing media persons at the NLA conference hall after the judgment, Speaker Sharingain Longkumer said the entire proceeding happened in all fairness, with an equal opportunity to both the parties and as per the law.

The speaker informed that the decision happened with both the parties accepting the fair judgment passed.

Relying on the sequence of the proceedings that took place since 2019, the speaker said that it took one year, one month, and 19 days to give the judgment for the disqualification petition after it was registered on April 24.


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