Meghalaya: KHADC in for more drama, Congress MDC turns the tide in favour of UDA


SHILLONG | Dec 07:

The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) is in for more political drama with the tide once again turning in favour of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) following the decision of Congress MDC from Mairang-Nongkhlaw, Batskhem Ryntathiang to join the alliance raising their number to 15.

With this new development, the UDA will meet Governor Tathagata Roy on Monday to apprise him that the alliance is in the majority in the KHADC with its strength increasing to 15 in the House of 29 while the strength of United Democratic Front (UDF) has been reduced to 13 minus the chairman of the Council.

"We will be meeting the Governor to apprise him that the UDA is in the majority in the Council. We will be submitting a letter to mention that the strength of the alliance has gone upto 15 with the joining of Ryntathiang to the UDA," former Deputy CEM, Pyniaid Sing Syiem, who is a member of the UDA told reporters here today.

Former KHADC CEM, T Dkhar and former Dy CEM, Pyniaid Syiem

Syiem, who is the NPP MDC from Sohryngkham, said that they are confident that the UDA will be able to form the new EC in the KHADC with the fresh political development.


He also said that there are two more MDCs from the United Democratic Front (UDF) who have sent feelers to join the UDA. "In the coming days, they are expected to formally join the alliance which will give a major boost the UDA," former Deputy CEM said.

Reacting to UDF's claims 3 of the UDA's MDCs are joining them, Syiem said that it is an just an attempt to create a confusion within the UDA. "All the 14 MDCs of the UDA were intact ever since the EC had collapsed in view of the no-confidence motion. I do not see that the MDCs of the UDA would switch to the UDF. Everyone is committed to provide a stable EC in the Council," Syiem said.

On a question that the UDA will require the signature of atleast 19 MDCs to convene a special session to topple the present CEM, Latiplang Kharkongor, he said that the question of toppling Kharkongor from the post of CEM does not arise since the State Government is yet to notify his election as the new CEM.

Members of the UDA

"The KHADC is yet to have a CEM as per the statement of the Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma," former Deputy CEM said.

Earlier on Friday, Congress MDC from Mairang-Nongkhlaw said that he has decided to come forward to extend support to the UDA since he is tired with the power tussle in the Council.

"I want to make it clear I have no aspiration to become an EM," he said. It may be recalled that Kharkongor had filed a petition before the High Court over the delay to approve the list of Executive Members on Thursday last.

After hearing the petition, the court had issued notice to Governor Secretariat and State Government. The petition will come up for hearing on December 10.