Meghalaya |Guv should take over admin of KHADC to save Council’s image: Conrad


Shillong, Dec 10:

Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma said that the Governor should take over the administration of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to save the image of the Council.

"We are of the view that at this point of time the Governor should take over the administration so that things can settle down. The Administrator Rule would continue till a clear picture may emerge after weeks or months," Sangma said while speaking to reporters after meeting Governor, Tathagata Roy at Raj Bhavan here today.

According to him, instability still exists even now in the KHADC. "This is not a very healthy practice since it is leading to horse trading and creates an unhealthy environment within the council. This needs to be dealt with in a manner which would ensure some sense of stability in the system," Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

He further said keeping this in mind, they have urged upon the Governor to invoke administrator's rule in the KHADC. "The Governor would take over the administration of the council and give it to the Deputy Commissioner.

When asked that how would they ensure that the Governor will the Government's way this time round by invoking Administrator's Rule in the KHADC,  he said that it is not a case of going the Government way. "We have assessed the situation and recommended to the Governor what is the most appropriate way to move forward," he said.

According to him, the KHADC is witnessing a very peculiar situation where the majority is continuously shifting from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to the United Democratic Forum (UDF) and vice versa.

"Here we are seeing a flip flop situation which is really not giving a good image to the KHADC. The Governor needs to take over seeing the imbalance and the kind of instability in the council," Sangma added.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Cabinet had decided to recommend to the Governor, Tathagata Roy for invoking of Administrator Rule in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC).

It may be recalled that the strength of the UDA has increased to 15 in the House of 29 following the decision of the Congress MDC from Mairang-Nongkhlaw, Batskhem Ryntathiang to shift allegiance to the alliance. The strength of United Democratic Front (UDF) had been reduced to 13 minus the chairman of the Council.

It may be mentioned that this is the second time that the State Government recommended for imposition of Administrator Rule's in the KHADC.

The State Government had earlier recommended for invoking of Administrator Rule after the UDP led United Democratic Alliance (UDA) was toppled after five members of the ruling alliance voted in favour of the no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition Congress. The Governor however declines to invoke the Administrator's Rule.