Govt vs KHADC: Conrad refuses to acknowledge Kharkongor as new CEM



Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today said that the question of the State Government interfering with the affairs of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) does not arise as the Council is yet to have a new Chief Executive Member (CEM).

"Where is the question of interfering when the new CEM of the Council is yet to be notified by the Government. As far as my knowledge goes, the KHADC is presently without the CEM," Sangma said while speaking to reporters here today.

Earlier on Monday, KHADC chairman, Pynshngain N Syiem had said that the State Government should not interfere too much with the affairs of the district councils. "If they have the majority they can asked for the requisition of the house and remove the CEM on the floor of the house or they can wait for the decision till March when they can move the No Confidence against the CEM," Syiem had said.


According to the chief minister, the Government is yet to issue a notification to notify the election of the new CEM. "Therefore as far our knowledge goes there is no notified CEM as of now," Meghalaya Chief Minister added.

Earlier, District Council Affairs (DCA) Minister, James PK Sangma had yesterday maintained that the State Government is examining the political situation in the KHADC and also looking at the issuance of the order by the Governor approving the election of the new CEM without consulting the DCA. He also said that there are many instances in the past where there is delay in the issue of the notification even after the CEM was elected in the House.

"This is not a one-off instance where there was a delay in notifying the election of the new CEM. There were several similar instances in the past," Sangma had stated.