Meghalaya | Congress is engaged in “politics of opportunism” : NPP


Shillong, Dec 22: 

The National People's Party has accused the opposition Congress for trying to persuade the regional forces to form a new government when the State is going through tough times in view of the protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 and the demand to implement the Inner Line Permit.

NPP State President, Dr. WR Kharlukhi said the Congress is engaged in "politics of opportunism" by trying the grab the chair in the midst of all the protests and agitation over CAA and ILP.

"The Congress' greed for power is proven when they moved a no confidence motion during the special session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly ," NPP Dr Kharlukhi said.

He said that the opposition Congress also tried to get in touch with the partners of the MDA coalition and tried to woo them in supporting the Congress.

Expressing shock  at this move of the Congress, Kharlukhi said, "They should think about the state but they are thinking about the chair".

Stating that the Congress would have to wait another three years to take a shot at the chair, Kharlukhi said, "I pity them as it was a wastage of their energy and time. Let them come through the front door if they have the capacity".

Reacting to the accusation of the Congress that the ruling has not done much, Kharlukhi said, " What has the Congress done when they were in power. In fact when Dr Mukul was the Chief Minister, he was opposed to the ILP. What happened now? Why the u-turn?''

"It is an opportunistic politics and they proved it by bringing the no confidence motion in the Assembly. They should have thought about the situation," he added.

It may be mentioned that the opposition Congress had moved a no-confidence motion during the special session of the Meghalaya legislative Assembly recently called to pass the resolution on the ILP.

The resolution was, however, turned down by the Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh. State Deputy Chief Minister prestone Tynsong had also stated that there was no need for that as the MDA coalition stands intact.