GHADC Drama: Sangma sullies reputation of Chairman’s post by walking out, says Congress


TURA | Nov 27, 2019:

As expected, the session in the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) witnessed a scene of high drama when the ruling coalition, led by the NPP, staged a walk-out ahead of the trust vote and right after losing an election to the post of deputy chairman to the Congress-led opposition's candidate.

The ruling disposition, headed by the CEM, Dipul Marak, had appeared confident of sailing through but what transpired through the day left NPP led coalition in a minority.

The sudden walkout of the NPP members as well as the Chairman did not go down well with the opposition who questioned the move of Denang T Sangma to not continue with the session.

"This is unparliamentary to say the least. The post of the chairman is apolitical and by walking out along with the rest, he has sullied the reputation of the post. This is going to set a very bad precedent. We will seek legal recourse if necessary," said Congress MDC, Stevie Marak, after the session.

On Monday, Nov 25, opposition members led by the Congress had sought a non confidence motion against the NPP led EC, which was due to be held today.

The NPP led EC then moved to impeach one of the members of the party, who is also the deputy chairman, Mettrinson Momin, after he had joined the ranks of the opposition Congress and helped in toppling the previous NPP led EC. Mettrinson had been one of the signatories in the move for a no confidence motion on Monday for the three day session.

During the elections held this afternoon between the NPP led alliance's Augustine Marak and the Congress backed Mettrinson, Momin secured 15 votes to 13 for Augustine with one vote being deemed invalid.


The GHADC currently consists of 30 members (one nominated) with as many as 20 members belonging to the NPP alliance, including the Chairman, Denang T Sangma. The voting was conducted through secret ballot and led to a huge surprise for the NPP after at least 5 members of their alliance voted for the opposition candidate, Mettrinson Momin.  

Sensing the inevitable, after the election to the deputy chairman was conducted, the chairman of the GHADC immediately adjourned the House leading to a huge uproar from the opposition bench, who continued to sit in the well of the House in an agitated state.

Interestingly, however, despite being reduced to a minority, the CEM, Dipul Marak and his team of EMs have not given any indication of stepping down. The phones of the CEM were also switched off after the NPP led members left the House in a shocked state.

The Opposition, however, has stated its intention of not leaving things as they were and indicated that they would demand a special session of the GHADC to complete the no confidence motion and oust the NPP led EC.