Woman kills husband over his refusal to accept divorce


NATIONAL | May 2, 2019:

In a shocking incident that took place in Greater Noida, a woman allegedly murdered her husband after he denied divorcing her. The accused allegedly fired gun shots at her husband because he refused to divorce her. The incident took place near Gaur City.

The body of the deceased was recovered from his car. The accused was identified as Amrita Chandel and was allegedly having an extra-marital affair. The accused allegedly planned the murder with the help of her paramour. The accused's alleged lover is an engineer.

The accused had allegedly agreed to pay Rs 3 lakh to her paramour for committing the crime.

Singh and two of his allies allegedly stopped the deceased's car on a service road near Gaur City. Following this, the accused allegedly shot the deceased.

The Singh and his allies were arrested from the Tingri roundabout area. The weapon used in the incident was also recovered by the police. The wife of the deceased has not been arrested yet.