Woman gang-raped, nails plucked, threatened with electrocution & immolation


NATIONAL | July 18, 2019:

In a horrific incident, a 35-year-old Dalit woman was allegedly gang-raped by the cops at Sardarshahar police station in Rajasthan.

She narrated her daily ordeal which included policemen tearing apart her nails with a screw driver and spanners even as a woman constable tried her best to ward off her colleagues.

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"The policemen accused me of helping my brother-in-law in a theft case. They arrived in a private car one day and pushed me inside. As soon as I was taken to the police station, the cops there assaulted me with sticks," she said in her statements to an Additional SP that became the basis of an FIR.

She added all through her ordeal, one woman constable had fought with the station staff but in vain.

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"The cops forced me to remove my clothes, then they hurled abuses at me. When I resisted their sexual assault, one of the cops threatened to douse petrol on me and burn me alive," she said in the FIR, adding that there were five to six cops including the SHO who took turns to rape her.

She said that the woman constable pushed out the accused cops from the room, and the torture subsided for a while. The lady constable then took her into a different room, locked the doors from inside so that she could sleep peacefully.

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The torture resumed next morning, that included caste-based remarks and daily sexual abuse. One of the accused cops allegedly took out a live wire and threatened to electrocute her.

In an FIR she said that one of the cop attacked her eyes, then other cops in an inebriated condition thrashed her.

Source: TOI