Woman gang-raped inside beauty parlour, filmed & threatened with video: Police


NATIONAL | November 25, 2018(PTI):

A woman was gang-raped inside a beauty parlour in Kolkata. Three people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in repeatedly raping her, the police said Saturday.

The incident took place in Kolkata's Tiljala area.

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Based on the complaint lodged by the survivor, police on Friday arrested the three, a Kolkata Police officer said.

A medical test conducted on the woman confirmed rape, he said.

According to the police complaint, the woman was called by one of the accused to the beauty parlour where he raped her. The incident was filmed by two other men present there. They then allegedly took turns to rape the woman, the police officer said.

The trio threatened the woman of circulating the video and continued raping her, he added.

We are looking into the matter and have collected evidence. Our special officers have spoken to her, the police official said.