‘Will take steps to preserve the hopes, sentiments of the people of NE’: Rajnath Singh on Citizenship Amendment Bill


NEW DELHI, January 9, 2019: Home Minister Rajnath Singh today addressed members of the Upper House on the protests over the Citizenship Amendment Bill saying, "The situation is now under control. If required, I will hold meetings with chief ministers of northeastern states."

"We have brought this [Citizenship Amendment] bill so that the minority immigrants from our neighbouring countries can live peacefully," says Rajnath Singh in Rajya Sabha.

"They were being targeted because of their religion. We are aware of the concerns in the Northeast and would like to dispel the rumours over the Bill. This is not for Assam but for such immigrants across the country. Those affected by religious persecution can avail the citizenship across the country."

"I would like to assure in the House that to preserve the hopes and sentiments of the people of Assam and North East our government will take necessary steps."

Singh says the government will work to protect the identity of the people of Assam and the North East. "We want a peaceful situation in the North East and are in constant touch with the state governments."

Singh says wrong information is being spread in the name of Citizenship Amendment Bill, reports Hindustan Times. "We have taken steps to strengthen border security to tackle infiltration", he added.