Tamil Nadu ranks one of the best-governed states in India



Commitment and unwavering effort towards developing the state have led to Tamil Nadu being rated among the best-governed states, Chief Minister K Palaniswami said here on Saturday.

Palaniswami, in his Twitter handle, said, "TN has been rated as one of the best-governed states in India. This is a result of our unwavering effort and commitment to the development of the state. Let us continue to work together, and work harder, to keep our state the best-governed one in India."

The Chief Minister provided a link to a report on ranking for states vis-a-vis governance based on a composite index in the context of sustainable development.

According to the Public Affairs Index-2020 released by the Public Affairs Centre on October 30, four southern States Kerala (1.388 PAI Index point), Tamil Nadu (0.912), Andhra Pradesh (0.531) and Karnataka (0.468) stood in the first four ranks in the large State category in terms of governance. (PTI)


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