Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju launches ‘Fit India Youth Clubs’ to promote nationwide fitness


NEW DELHI | AUG 16, 2020:

On the occasion of the 74th Independence Day, Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju, launched the Fit India Youth Clubs to promote fitness across the country.

The Fit India Youth Club is a part of the Fit India Movement and aims to harness the power of the youth in creating mass awareness on the importance of fitness.

The Fit India Youth Clubs also aim to bring together fitness and voluntarism and according to the Sports Authority of India (SAI), under the aegis of a district unit, each member of the club will motivate people from the community to take up fitness activities in his or her daily routine.

Besides this, the clubs will assist schools and local bodies in organising community fitness programmes.

"Only a fit citizen can contribute adequately to his or her country and help fellow citizens in their times of need," Rijiju said.

"India is home to 1.3 billion people, and we have 75 lakh volunteers already, and that number will go up to 1 crore soon. I am confident that 1 crore volunteers can motivate at least 30 crore fellow citizens in every nook and corner of India to take up fitness activities regularly," he said.

"With time and patience, we will reach out to every Indian," he added.

"One of the first initiatives that will be taken up by the Fit India Youth Clubs is to popularise the Fit India Freedom Run," said a spokesperson from SAI.