Slovenia becomes first European country to proclaim end to coronavirus epidemic


Ljubljana, Slovenia | May 16, 2020:

Slovenia has become the first European country to proclaim an end to the coronavirus epidemic at home, despite new infections still being reported.

The government today said, the COVID-19 spread is under control and there is no longer a need for extraordinary health measures.

Prime Minister Janez Jansa said, today Slovenia has the best epidemic situation in Europe, which enables us to call off the general epidemic.

The government says, EU residents are free to cross into Slovenia from Austria, Italy and Hungary at predetermined checkpoints, meanwhile most non-EU nationals will have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Meanwhile, public gatherings remain banned while social distancing rules and mask-wearing remain mandatory in public spaces.

Earlier this week, the government said, some shopping centres and hotels would be allowed to reopen next week.

The first coronavirus case in Slovenia was recorded on March 4, a returnee from neighboring Italy. The nationwide epidemic was proclaimed on March 12.

By May 13, there were 1,467 confirmed cases and 103 deaths in the country.