Rapper Big Deal releases new music video "I'm a Chinkey"


By Ladiangti Rani


Samir Rishu Mohanty aka Big Deal has released his new single called “I'm a Chinkey” featuring another rapper from Mizoram, G'nie.

The music video which was released on YouTube on December 18, talks about racism and how the term "Chinkey" became synonymous with the people from this region.

This song managed to grab many eyeballs and, is gradually becoming the talk of the town.

In an interview with TNT-The Northeast Today, Rapper Big Deal expressed his gratitude to everyone who has watched the video.

“I feel ecstatic and grateful to have the people's support. I'm even happier about the fact that the song was accepted in the right way. It was made to spread love, spark empathy and build unity and I'm glad it's making a difference to people's lives.”

When asked what made him write a song on it, he said, “I wanted to flip the whole meaning of the word "Chinkey" from something derogatory to something positive and empowering. The lyrics come from a very real place and experience that I've gone through in my life.”

Samir Rishu Mohanty aka Big Deal

He also added that racism is so prevalent in bigger cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai that it's shocking at times.

"I mean the age and times are different so you'd expect people to change but it's still there from the smallest things right up to the bigger matters. Well, we just have to scream until we get heard one day and things change for the better. I'd also like to stress on the fact that racism happens from both sides and it can only be stopped with empathy. Not hate, not fights, but only love," he added.

Rapper Big Deal has another music video up for release before his debut album hits the stores. This video will be the first of its kind from his discography and will be a massive collaboration.

Rapper Big Deal, who started rapping since he was in school, found his inspiration after watching a movie starred by Eminem called “8 Mile” and since then he pursued his dreams and never looked back.

“Keep your head up, be strong and be fair. Let's treat everyone as our equal and as humans, first and foremost. The world will be a much better place when we share a bond like this with everyone," he exhorted.

(Edited by Iban Mawrie)


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