Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP over construction of Chinese village in Arunachal Pradesh



Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recently took to his official Twitter handle and reminded Prime Minister Narendra Modi, without mentioning his name, over reports that China had constructed a village with 101 homes on the banks of river Tsar Chu in Arunachal Pradesh.

“Remember his promise – I won’t let the country bow down before anyone," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said they are keeping a close watch on the situation and developments.

BJP MP Tapir Gao said that China had developed a 60-kilometre two-lane road into India.

“Since the 80s, China has been constructing (a) road. They’ve built Longju to Maza road. During Rajiv Gandhi’s regime, China occupied Sumdorong Chu Valley in Tawang. The then Army Chief planned an operation but Rajiv Gandhi denied him permission to push back the PLA,” Gao said.

“There was a wrong policy of the government during the Congress regime. They didn’t construct a road up to the border which left a buffer zone of 3-4 km which China occupied. The construction of new villages isn’t a new thing, it’s all inherited from Congress,” he added.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)


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