Public funds diverted to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation: Reports expose


NEW DELHI | JUNE 26, 2020:

The BJP party head, J.P. Nadda on Friday accused the Gandhi family of diverting funds from the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF) to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF). He added that the RGF advocated India's implementation of unlimited free trade agreements with China.

Furthermore, there are reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that the RGF is closely associated with an undercover spy network that directly links to the People's Liberation Army of China.
In its annual reports of 2005-2006 and 2007-2008, it is clearly stated that the PMNRF had donated funds from its treasury to the RGF. Also, several Public Sector Units (PSUs) such as State Bank of India, the Steel Authority of India, ONGC, and many more had donated funds to the RGF.

The PMNRF was raised to provide aid to the victims of natural and man-made disasters. However, it was alleged that the RGF had accepted public funds for its sole gain.

Nadda substantiated in his tweet by mentioning:
"PMNRF, meant to help people in distress, was donating money to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in UPA years. Who sat on the PMNRF board? Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Who chairs RGF? Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Reprehensible, disregarding ethics, processes, and not bothering about transparency,"

"People of India donated their hard-earned money to PMNRF to help their fellow citizens in need. To divert this public money into a family-run foundation is not only a brazen fraud but also a big betrayal of the people of India," he said.

"One family's hunger for wealth has cost the nation immensely. If only they have devoted their energies towards a more constructive agenda. The Congress' Imperial Dynasty needs to apologize to the unchecked loot for self-gains!" he added.

The BJP also accused the RGF of receiving funds from preacher Zakir Naik, who is notorious for instigating violence.