Priyanka Chopra: Staying safe part of getting the job done



Currently filming her next Hollywood project “Text for You”, actor Priyanka Chopra says shooting amid the COVID-19 pandemic involves daily testing and appropriate social distancing.

From the film’s set in London, the 38-year-od actor took to social media and shared a picture of herself wearing a face shield.

"What shooting a movie looks like in 2020. Daily testing, face shields, and masks on hand. This was taken after hair and makeup, where we wait right before we shoot, in a secure distanced zone. And masks on... In between all shots! Staying safe is part of getting the job done (to) protect yourself and everyone around you. Stay positive! test negative!" she wrote.

Among the cast of the film are music icon Celine Dion and “Outlander” star Sam Heughan.

The screenplay is co-written by Lauryn Kahn and Jim Strouse.

The plot revolves around a woman who, to ease the pain after tragically losing her fiance, starts to send romantic texts to his old cell phone.

It turns out that the number has been reassigned to a man across town suffering from similar heartbreak. The two meet and feel an undeniable connection, but can't seem to leave the past behind. (PTI)


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