One of the strongest Typhoon in decade batters Japan


TOKYO | Sept 07, 2020:

Typhoon Haishen, believed to be the strongest in decades, has left more than 2,27,000 households in Japan's southern Kyushu region without electricity, the NHK broadcaster reported on Sunday.

According to the broadcaster, as of 10 pm, local time (11:00 GMT) was 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of the city of Makurazaki city on the island's Kagoshima prefecture and was en route to the north-northwest at 35 kilometres per hour (22 miles per hour).

Haishen is already the 10th typhoon to rage across Northeast Asia and Japan's Kyushu island is expected to be the worst-affected region by the typhoon.

Over 550 domestic flights scheduled for Sunday have been cancelled, with over 580 others to be cancelled on Monday.