Man kills 6-yr-old stepson, chops & hides body pieces in various location


NATIONAL | Nov 28, 2019:

In a shocking incident, a man allegedly killed his six-year-old stepson, chopped his body and hid it at different locations in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh.

Farid a.k.a. Suraj Yadav was allegedly killed by his step father Ram Sawre Yadav on November 19. Yadav disposed of his body by chopping it into pieces and hiding them in separate locations at Bhainsia village in Bahraich.

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Superintendent of Police Gaurav Grover said that the boy's mother Hina had recently married Ram Sawre Yadav and had even changed her son's name from Farid to Suraj to please her husband.

However, Yadav and his brother Nanhe did not like the boy and killed him. They later told everyone that the boy had gone missing.

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Some neighbours, however, suspected foul play and informed the police.

Police arrested both Ram and his brother Nanhe who confessed to the crime during investigations.